Our guide to types of air conditioning units


Are you looking into installing air conditioning in your home or workplace?  There are several types of air conditioning units available, all of which work slightly differently; some are best suited to single rooms while other types are great for cooling an entire building. Make sure you choose the right AC for your space, with our guide to the different types of air conditioning units.


A closer look at the options

If you don’t know much about air conditioning, some of the terms used to describe the different types of AC can be a little confusing. We’re here to clear things up! There are 4 main types of air conditioning units on the market today. Let’s take a look at what they are called and how they work.

  • Window air conditioners. These are small, single units fitted in or close to a window, sucking in hot air from the room and taking it straight outside.
  • Portable air conditioning units. As the name suggests, this type of air conditioning unit can be moved around and placed in any room. It uses a hose vent to get rid of the hot air.
  • Central air conditioning systems. Like central heating, this type of air conditioning is a powerful system that can control the temperature of an entire building. Controlled by a programmable thermostat, central AC systems are a convenient way for residents or workers to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.
  • Split (ductless) air conditioning systems. Split air conditioning units are made up of 2 parts, one which is housed indoors and one which is installed outside the building. The inside part contains the evaporator, which turns liquid refrigerant into vapour, and the blower, which dispenses temperature-controlled air into the room. The outside section contains the condenser, the compressor and the fan, which all work to process and get rid of hot air.


Which type of AC unit is best for my home or office?

Different types of air conditioning units will work best in different environments. Consider what you are looking for in an air conditioning system, and it will help you to decide which type of unit is right for you.

  • Single room cooling does not require a hugely sophisticated unit. Many people opt for a window air conditioner, which is a low-budget option that works well in a small space. If your room does not have a window, you won’t be able to use a window unit, of course. In that case, a split ductless system might be the answer, because it can be installed anywhere (you don’t need a window). It’s also more discreet and aesthetically pleasing than a window unit. For occasional use, a portable AC unit might also fit the bill, but bear in mind that these can be noisy.
  • If you’re looking for domestic air conditioning but you want a system that can cool the entire house, a central air conditioning system will provide a comfortable home environment. This type of unit can be expensive to run and maintain, however.
  • Air conditioning for a large office or building is again, best served by a central air conditioning system.


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