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At Zero Temp Environmental, we install domestic air conditioning in homes in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. You’ve probably experienced the benefits of air conditioning in your car or at work, so why not enjoy them at home as well?


Improve air quality and combat the heat

Domestic air conditioning will transform your home back into the comfortable environment that it’s supposed to be. No more sleepless, humid summer nights – with a modern home cooling solution from Zero Temp Environmental, you’ll benefit from a refreshingly cool bedroom environment that allows you to sleep in comfort.


Many households include family members who are more vulnerable to the heat, such as elderly people, pregnant women or newborn babies. In such homes, air conditioning is an effective solution that will provide relief and peace of mind. And if you are sensitive to airborne allergens, our air-con technology will improve the air quality in your home, helping you to manage hay fever and allergies. In winter months, your air conditioning units can even be used to warm up the air – creating a temperature-controlled environment that will keep you perfectly comfortable all year round.


Air conditioning around the home

domestic air conditioning for your homeDo you have a problem area in your home, which gets unbearably hot in the summer months? With heat rising to the top of the house, loft conversions can be uncomfortably stuffy in hot weather, so air conditioning in your top bedroom could really make a difference to home life.


Conservatories are another common summer hotspot, especially if they are south facing. Designed as suntraps, they let in vast amounts of sunlight and can, unfortunately, become too hot to enjoy at the height of summer; domestic air conditioning can provide a solution.


Whether it’s one room or the entire house, we can install air conditioning units in almost any room – even in your log cabin! Wherever you require a temperature-controlled environment, from home offices to garages and lofts, Zero Temp can install an internal solution to meet your needs. We’ll take the time to help you get the most out of your unit by choosing the right size and output for the room.


Discreet solutions with minimal disruption

In a relaxing and private home environment, the last thing you want is a noisy air conditioning unit that gobbles energy, or a messy, disruptive installation process. With Zero Temp Environmental, there’s no need to worry.


Our experienced designers will find the perfect solution and design for you so that it’ll fit discreetly into your home – choose from wall mounted, low level floor mounted or concealed floor standing units. Our professional installation team will work quickly to install your system with minimal disruption.


All of our domestic air conditioning hardware is selected for its efficiency, performance and low noise, so you’ll hardly notice your energy-efficient unit when it’s on – and running costs will be kept to a minimum. We also offer a full maintenance service after installation.




Client Testimonial

Don’t just take our word for it! Our clients in and around Hertfordshire are always delighted with the real difference our air-con makes to their homes.

We are very pleased with the standard of work, the level of professionalism and above all the efficiency in which [our domestic air conditioning units] were installed, they now make those hot summer nights and the cold evenings a thing of the past. We also noticed an immediate change for the better in our energy consumption throughout the house

John Bell






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