Air Conditioning Myths

Debunking the top 5 air conditioning myths

Think you know all there is to know about air con? Think again! There are many common misconceptions surrounding AC; discover the truth behind these top 5 air conditioning myths.

Myth #1: Air conditioners are expensive to use

Air conditioning in this country is often seen as an expensive luxury. Bearing in mind the unpredictable climate in the UK, it can be tempting for budget-conscious building managers to skimp on climate control costs by providing electric fans instead – or simply by opening the windows in the heat. But it’s worth bearing in mind that extreme heat can put a severe dent in productivity – if the office gets too hot, it sends everyone to sleep. So, skimping on air conditioning and experiencing the resulting slump in performance could well be a false economy. The expense of air conditioning varies significantly depending on the space you’re trying to cool – use an air conditioning calculator to find out if it’s worth the investment for your building.

Myth #2: Air conditioners are noisy

Nobody wants an 80-decibel white noise generator in the office when they’re trying to concentrate. But does air conditioning really make that much noise? Today, noisy air-con is one of those air conditioning myths that doesn’t correspond to modern reality. The sound of the AC unit can be hugely reduced by positioning it behind a wall or away from where people work, and here at Zero Temp Environmental, our installation team work hard to ensure minimal noise from your air conditioning. Higher quality AC units also make less noise, especially those designed with noise reduction in mind.

Myth #3: Air conditioning isn’t environmentally friendly

When it comes to the environment, air conditioning has a bad rep. The common wisdom is that the energy used to cool the air in offices and other workplaces is excessive – making it an unpopular choice for the eco-conscious. It’s true that air conditioning does use a lot of energy; however, by taking a few simple steps, it’s possible to reduce the energy consumed by ensuring that air conditioning units operate more efficiently. Use temperature controls to limit usage (so that the air con only comes on when the temperature gets really hot) and use free cooling coils to harness cool air from outdoors.

Myth #4: You don’t need air con with ceiling fans

Fans and air conditioning can both help to ease the effects of a hot and stuffy office – but they work differently, so they’re not interchangeable. Ceiling fans move the air to create a refreshing breeze which helps people to feel cooler, but they don’t actually cool the air. In contrast, air conditioning regulates the temperature in the building, actually reducing the heat rather than simply making it more bearable to endure.

Myth #5: The bigger the air conditioning unit, the better

Is bigger always better? When it comes to air conditioning, this turns out to be another myth. Rather than selecting the largest unit on the market, it’s important to choose the best size for the space you’re cooling, while also considering the standard of insulation and the materials used in your building. The team at Zero Temp Environmental are always happy to advise on the best AC for you – just contact us on 01923 254397.