Air Conditioning Maintenance

As air conditioning specialists, our commitment to our customers extends beyond installation. We ensure that you can enjoy your system and easily maintain a clean air, comfortable environment without any stress for years to come.

We offer domestic and commercial air conditioning maintenance packages on all of our installations as well as for systems that haven’t been installed by us. With over 27 years’ experience in installing and servicing air conditioning in Hertfordshire, our highly experienced team can provide tailored maintenance packages for any type of system.


Quality Work from Experienced Engineers

Our quality maintenance service ensures your air con unit receives a regular comprehensive check-up to keep it running as efficiently as possible. Our expert workmanship and vast experience of all types of system configurations and manufacturers means that we are able to prolong the lifespan of your units and reduce the chance of future breakdowns.


Why do I need air conditioning maintenance?

In order to keep your system healthy and effective, it will need to be maintained at regular intervals. Air conditioners lose effectiveness as dirt and dust builds up within the filters, as well as other technical problems that can occur.

Correcting these minor issues is far simpler than replacing a broken system, so it is crucial it’s maintained properly. Remember that air con maintenance is here to save you time and money, as well as the discomfort of a broken system.

The benefits of regular air conditioning maintenance include:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved ventilation and performance
  • Reduced chance of breakdowns or errors


Maintenance Tailored To Your Needs

Our air conditioning maintenance packages are tailored to your needs, available at different times and prices. We will review the entirety of the system and clean, change, and replace parts where necessary, and we aim to complete this process as quickly as possible so that your system is not offline for long. This will ensure the longevity and efficiency of your system until your next service.

As well as offering Regular maintenance services and contracts, Zero Temp Environmental also provide one-off repair services.



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What Our Clients Say About Us


Below you can read a testimonial from Chartwell Dental Clinic, who benefit from one of our maintenance contracts.

When the time came to replace our old air-conditioning, we opted to use a local company and are so happy we chose Zero Temp.

Having had a variety of problems with the existing air-conditioning that was installed prior to our refit we called on Zero Temp for advice on how to eliminate the problems we were encountering. John and his team provided us with a cost effective solution which did just that.

We closed on Friday evening and by Monday morning we had new air-conditioning installed and operational within two of our surgeries, with no trace of the awful old air-conditioning in sight. We found the companies quotation technique very transparent and informative leaving no hidden surprises when it came to settling the final account.

We were so pleased with the workmanship and service received that we immediately took out a maintenance contract to protect our valuable new investment.

A. Theron (principal dentist)
Chartwell Dental Clinic