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Zero Temp Environmental are experts in climate control with over 27 year’s experience in installing and maintaining air conditioning throughout Hertfordshire. With a large number of satisfied clients in St Albans, Watford and North London, the Zero Temp are known for high quality, bespoke designs and maintenance you can rely on.

Despite its reputation as a rainy country, England can get very hot in the summer. The combination of heat from the sun, our appliances and even our own bodies creates uncomfortable conditions that opening a window simply cannot fix – as you will be swapping the hot air from inside for the hot air from outside. The only effective solution to this problem is a variety of air conditioning services.


What is air conditioning?

Air conditioning is the process of changing the temperature of the air in an environment. Unlike using a fan, which only moves hot air around the room, air conditioning units capture the hot air in a room, cool it and then release it back into the room once it’s been chilled. This cycle continues as the air heats back up again, maintaining a constantly cool and comfortable environment.


Why do I need air conditioning?

It’s hard to concentrate when all you can think about is how hot it is. Indoor working environments, such as offices, schools and shops, are prone to heating up, causing discomfort for workers and affecting their performance. Even our computers can overheat, which would be especially damaging to a business’s server room.

It’s also difficult to relax at home in the heat. After a long day’s work, the last thing you want to do is come home and feel sticky and uncomfortable because of the weather. This can be especially inconvenient at night, causing you sleepless nights that affect your mood and performance during the day.

Air conditioning services will completely alleviate these problems, making the hottest days of the year seem like a cool autumn evening. The process works without making a sound or taking up space, causing no disruption to your usual routines. To find out more about how air conditioning is installed, please see our Installation and Domestic Air Conditioning pages.


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